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As an expressive and versatile pianist, Sueli strives to connect with her audience and communicate emotions through her music. Fuelled by expression, her personal style is embellished by crossing genres in her arrangements and improvisations, bringing originality and life to her music. Alongside her showmanship, her performances are relatable and accessible to her audience which in turn, garner countless heartfelt stories from them. She draws inspiration and feeds off energy from her audience, making each performance unique and exceptional.


Since her solo debut at the Candlelight Concert series in 2021, she has arranged and performed for more than 80 solo concerts, with several varying programmes: ‘Tribute to Coldplay’, ‘Best of Adele’, ‘Tribute to JJ Lin’, ‘Best of Westlife’, ‘K-drama Sonata’. She believes that classical music should be accessible and universal. Previously the resident pianist at Sheraton Towers Singapore and Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Sueli also actively performs in various festivals and events as a keyboardist and singer-songwriter.


Sueli obtained her Master of Education (Music) from the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in 2020, and a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Piano Performance from LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore in 2014.


Driven by her passion for music, Sueli also runs a music education platform, "The Music Connection", which provides music and movement programme to young children. She believes in cultivating the love for music through fun and play.

Alongside her passion for music, Sueli is also an advocate for mental health and co-founded 'So, Let Us Talk', a peer-led support group that uses creative arts therapy for sexual assault and domestic violence trauma survivors. As a firm believer in music and the arts to have the power to heal, she creates a space for arts in the society to give voices to our experiences and increase our sense of agency.


As she aspires to continue touching hearts through her music, she also hopes to continue contributing to the society through her music, education and advocacy works.

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