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Upright Piano


Explore the fullest of your musical potential.

Regardless of age or current musical abilities, I'm here to walk you through your musical journey to achieve your goals.

Whichever course you choose, I want to:

  • develop and expand students' musical sense and creativity

  • nurture students' musical interest and cultivate their passion

  • build strong fundamentals in piano techniques and knowledge

  • encourage critical analysis through listening and understanding

  • develop students' musical characteristics through various stylistic approaches to playing

The pedagogy that I use in my teaching revolves around performance-based learning. Contrary to conventional teaching approach, my role is to guide and prompt students while allowing room for self-exploration.

Classical piano courses singapore
Classical Piano
(Graded / Non-Graded)

Unleash your creativity by exploring various interpretations of traditional Western notated music.

Although taking graded examinations is a common practice, it is secondary and not compulsory. The main goal is to build a strong foundation and understanding of the core of music. With a strong understanding of the fundamentals, examinations will be a breeze!

Pop piano courses singapore
Pop Piano

This relies on improvisational skills which I will guide you through. From playing your favourite tunes on the piano to learning to play and sing, you'll have tons of fun! Who knows, you may even be able to compose your own tunes eventually!

Music theory courses singapore
Music Theory

Though learning through exploration is in the heart of my approach, having some basic theory knowledge is essential as a complementary to the piano learning as it gives you a sense of awareness of what you are playing.

Aural training courses Singapore
Aural Training

Just as theory is an essential component to an effective learning, so is the ability to able to listen musically. In order to create music, you'll have to be able to listen as well. This is where aural training comes in - to train your listening skills.

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